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In India, every year, thousands of horses who were previously racehorses or used for breeding, are abandoned on the streets. The lifespan of a racehorse is almost 25-30 years, and their careers last a mere 7 years, meaning that a majority of their lives are spent in less than ideal conditions. While some horses are taken to stud farms, adopted by the Indian Army, or find homes with facilities, this is not the reality for most.


Many owners find maintenance and care of these horses extremely difficult and financially draining. As a result, owners are forced to rehome or abandon them. These horses, then, mostly find homes in the streets of the country, surviving on poor diets and no upkeep. Many horses also experience severe injuries from road accidents, while others pass away due to malnutrition. There is little to no veterinary support available for these abandoned horses. The COVID-19 pandemic, further, has meant that there is even lesser support or infrastructure to take care of abandoned horses.


Stable Homes steps in at this juncture and houses, in India, retired horses that have outgrown their breeding span. The project is undertaken in collaboration with Central Park, the premises of which is where the horses currently reside. Stable Homes also works towards generating awareness and capital for the upkeep of these horses.

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What We Do

Stable Homes works towards the fulfillment of a dual function- raising awareness about the plight of abandoned horses, and providing safe homes for such horses in a facility in Gurgaon. The project is undertaken in collaboration with Gurgaon-based housing society, Central Park, where the horses currently reside.


Through the Adopt a Horse program, I have created a clear channel for interested adoptive families to adopt horses that are housed at the stables in Central Park. This has followed into the conception of the Enable-a-Stable Program, where I have curated a global network for individuals and organizations across the world to sponsor the rehabilitation of horses in the Stable Homes affiliated stables.


Further, as part of the project, I have developed Stable Table, which is a database of equine veterinarians in India, places where equine management equipment can be found, and animal welfare NGOs that work with horses. This will be particularly useful for those who are looking for any assistance in the equestrian-arena. In order to increase awareness about the typical equine living conditions in India, I have also started a YouTube channel, Instability. This features a docuseries on the aftermath of retirement for horses, especially racehorses. I also publish a quarterly newsletter, Colt Following, which allows readers to gain an insight into the Stable Homes affiliated stables, the horses that are housed there, apart from having access to a curated reading list ideal for all equestrian lovers.

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Our Initiatives

Join Us to Make a Difference

The Adopt a Horse Program is a one-of-a-kind program where first, abandoned horses are provided a safe home in a Stable Homes affiliated stable. This facility is able to provide them with top notch care, a healthy diet, and adequate medical care. The horses are taken care of by well-trained, professional grooms who understand the psyche of the horses and tend to them in a suitable manner. The program began with four horses who had exceeded their breeding and racing functions, and as a result, were left to fend for themselves.


You can get involved with these horses as part of our Enable-a-Stable program, and provide them with the support that they need for the remainder of their lives. Your support will ensure that these horses are able to enjoy care, support, and safety. Their rehabilitation has saved their lives, and this is an opportunity for you to support them.                            

You may choose from the following tiers and support the horses at Stable Homes:


Yearling Around
(5,000 INR)

Sponsor a trip to the vet.

Stirrup Change
(10,000 INR)

Sponsor the monthly food and hay expenses of 1 horse.

Rein It In
(20,000 INR)

Sponsor the monthly expenses of a groom and food for 1 horse


Pony Up
(35,000 INR)

Sponsor a trip to the vet and monthly hay for one horse, and monthly expenses of a groom for 2 horses

Mane Event
(50,000 INR)

Sponsor all the monthly expenses of a horse + buy them an additional treat!

Foaling Around

Pay whatever you wish!

If you would like to make a contribution more generous than our highest sponsorship plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Work

Below, please find a collection of the work I have undertaken as a part of the Stable Homes program.

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Stable Table

This table is a resource database for equine veterinarians in India, places to find equine management equipment, and animal welfare NGOs that specifically work with horses in India. This table is monitored regularly to ensure that all the information is accurate and up to date.



This is a four-part docu-series that unearths the typical equine living conditions in India.


The first part (In)Stable India is dedicated to the lives of post-functional horses in the country, where I take a deep dive into the conditions that horses are kept in post-retirement/abandonment. The second part, From Pillar to Post, describes the life of a horse from its childhood through its competitive stages all the way to old age. The third part, The Sport of Kings, is then dedicated to exploring the politics of horse riding in India, where I cover historical accounts of royal stables and the colonial racecourses in the country. The concluding part, Dark Hoses, will follow the stories of three old horses, taking viewers through the course of their lives, their racing accolades, and their current-day living conditions.


Colt Following

A quarterly newsletter, Colt Following, allows readers to get to know Stable Homes in more detail. The newsletter comprises information about the Stable Homes affiliated stables, the residents of these stables, information about the medical care provided to Stable Homes horses, and a special feature for a different horse every quarter. The newsletter also provides its readers a curated reading list and resources on horses.


Photographs from the Facility at Central Park, Gurgaon

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Project Partners

Working Together

Stable Homes is carried out in collaboration with Central Park, a Gurgaon-based housing society.

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central park logo.jpg

Central Park, Gurgaon

The stables at Central Park are used as a facility for the horses that are a part of Stable Homes

Meet the Mares

This Section will have images of the facility and horses. The Live Cam will also be available for viewership here.

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Nayra Kohli.jpg

About the Founder

Nayra Kohli is a student at the Wellington College in the UK and an avid horse-rider. Throughout her childhood, she has had an affinity towards horses and has been riding since 2015. She trained with well-known equestrian Roshan Sodhi and has even competed in the Junior Dressage in Delhi in March 2021 in pursuance of her passion.


Through her involvement in riding, Nayra was exposed to the harsh realities of horses that have retired or have been abandoned. The circumstances in which these horses are forced to live inspired her to envision her passion project, Stable Homes. This project is aimed at providing rehabilitation facilities for those horses that have retired or have been abandoned. Raising awareness about equestrian welfare and adoption of post-functional horses is deeply important to her, and she wishes to pursue these goals with fervor as a part of Stable Homes.

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